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Welcome to OuRX Pharmacy, Inc.

As the leading compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of prescribing and dispensing very specific medications, which is what makes a compound pharmacy different from other pharmacies. We also provide our medications to clinics throughout the country.

Pharmaceutical compounding can be utilized to customize a number of different products, including:

  Weight Loss

  Hormone Replacement Therapy

  Pain Management



  Vitamins and Homeopathics

OuRX Pharmacy is registered with the California Board of Pharmacy, and licensed for the preparation of sterile injectables. Our compound pharmacy dispenses both over-the-counter and prescribed medications. These prescribed medications are created by the pharmacist, instead of dispensing a bottle of pills that is premade and mass-produced, which may include ingredients the patient is sensitive or allergic to. In order to create medications, the pharmacist combines or processes the ingredients and avoids using non-essential drug components, which is also useful as he can custom-make the exact dosage for a patient.

Patients who can benefit from a compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles include child patients, as parents often find their children need lower drug doses and smaller-sized pills, which may also be flavored; patients with sensitivities to certain ingredients, dyes or fillers in commercial tablets, or any patient who needs help finding the appropriate treatment with their medications are also good candidates. Other reasons include the need for medication that has been discontinued, combined pills to increase compliance, or to make customized transdermal creams that can be applied directly to the site of pain.

Any patient can benefit from seeking out our compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, particularly those who seek a more involved patient-physician-pharmacist relationship. We encourage new patients to call us today at (310) 421-8736 or come by our Santa Monica pharmacy site to learn more about how we can assist you in better healthcare! We accept most health insurances!