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OuRx Compounding Pharmacy is Better for Your Health

Lidocaine, methyl salicylate, hydrocortisone. You probably don't think twice about using over-the-counter laser numbing cream with these ingredients when you need to soothe a sore muscle or bug bite, prep your legs before hair removal, or combat that itch. If the product's available without a prescription, it can't hurt you, right? Wrong.

OuRX Pharmacy Inc., a compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, recently learned about instances where women have died from over the counter creams. Take Arielle Newman, for instance, a New York City-area high school track star who died last year from a sports-cream overdose. She'd used large amounts of popular OTC pain-relieving ointments like Icy Hot and Ben-Gay on her sore muscles. The key ingredient in such products is methyl salicylate, which built up in Newman's body, may have interacted with other aspirin-based meds she was using, and caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

Another case: In 2005, Shiri Berg, 22, of North Carolina died of a lidocaine overdose. Following the instructions she'd been given by the staff at a local hair-removal clinic, she generously applied a numbing gel to her legs, then covered them in plastic wrap. On her way to the clinic to get hair lasered from her legs, Berg passed out. She went into convulsions, then a coma. Eight days later, she was dead.

At OuRX Pharmacy, we design and create creams and products designed especially for you. There is no time like the present to visit our Santa Monica pharmacy! Our superb management team has 20 years of sterile compounding pharmacy experience who can help you create products designed especially for your skin type and medical needs. Whatever you do, go easy on the application!