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OuRX is a Health-Conscious Santa Monica Pharmacy

Laser hair removal is an increasingly common and effective way to boost one's aesthetic appearance, particularly on sensitive areas like the bikini line, upper lip and legs. However, the process can involve notable discomfort, making pain relief products a necessity. Fortunately, at OuRX Phramacy, Inc., we carry a number of topical pain control products, including BLT numbing cream that is perfect for relief both before and after laser hair removal.

The numbing cream provided at our renowned Santa Monica pharmacy is an anti-inflammatory that reduces discomfort, burning and pain that is comparable to a mile or moderate sunburn. Our BLT cream is non-oily, and versatile enough for effectiveness before and after procedures like tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal and even minor surgical procedures.

At OuRX Pharmacy, Inc., BLT numbing cream is only one of many pain relief options we offer. Further still, we provide pharmaceutical options for bleaching, hormone replacement and much more. As a facility that is registered with the California Board of Pharmacy and licensed for the preparation of sterile injectables, we're proud to be the compounding pharmacy Santa Monica residents trust for the best possible safe and natural ophthalmics.

Instead of dispensing a bottle of pills that is premade and mass-produced and possibly including ingredients a patient is allergic to, ours pharmaceuticals are created by hand by the pharmacist. The result is ingredients that avoid non-essential components and precise dosages. Simply out, at OuRX Pharmacy, Inc., the health and well-being of our customers is our chief priority.