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OuRX Pharmacy Provides Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone replacement therapy for men is not as common as it is for women, but OuRX Pharmacy is the go to destination for your hormone balance needs. A compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help restore balance so you feel like yourself again, whether you have hormonal deficiencies that must be addressed with pills, topical creams/gels/foams or drop/troches. Some of the reasons men may seek HRT include:

  • Sexual development problems
  • Reproductive dysfunction
  • Testosterone replacement as a cream or sterile injectables
  • Hormonal therapy for cancer, including prostate or thyroid cancer
  • Hormone replacement for sex reassignment therapy for trans-men

If you are considering HRT for yourself, you should contact your doctor for customized solutions you need to combat any hormonal problems. Because OuRX Pharmacy has decades of pharmaceutical compounding experience and we are the compound pharmacy Santa Monica trusts, we can help meet your customized needs for medication such as HRT creams, pills and injectables.

As a top compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, we also provide HRT solutions for women. This can successfully battle numerous conditions and maintain health by effectively treating symptoms that can make a woman's life miserable. Millions of women utilize hormone replacement therapy, and many come to OuRX Pharmacy for their needs. The reason we are such a valuable resource is because we can meet your personalized medical needs. We accept most health insurances, including Medicare Part D, as well as cash patients. To learn more, call us today or visit us in Santa Monica to see what makes compound pharmacies so wonderful.