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OuRX Pharmacy Sells Compounded Numbing Creams

The beauty conscious among us know that a smooth bikini line, upper lip and legs often involve more than just the hair removal technique. In fact, laser hair removal services require blt numbing cream, especially in delicate areas of the skin more prone to burning. Our compound pharmacy in Santa Monica offers the solution to help protect these delicate areas of your skin to ease the discomfort of the process. These numbing creams sold at OuRX Pharmacy are non-oily, topical anesthetic that can be used for other procedures, as well, including tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal or minor surgical procedures.

OuRX Pharmacy's laser numbing creams are safe, effective and have lidocaine, and the amount can be increased for prescription creams, but we also sell over-the-counter products. These numbing creams meet FDA standards, and they can be used both before or after your laser hair removal procedure. We also sell anti-inflammatory creams or cool packs to reduce any burning pain (this pain is comparable to a moderate sunburn, but the discomfort subsides in less than a day, usually).

OuRX Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy Los Angeles can count on for their regular and specialized medical needs, and we have a superb management team with decades of experience in sterile compounding. To learn more about our pharmacy, please contact us today, or take advantage of our 24/7 prescription counseling! We look forward to helping you with all of your prescription needs and we welcome you to come to our Santa Monica location.