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Quality Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal at OuRX

Sometimes it can be extremely tough being a lady. Especially in a society that enjoys smooth skin- everywhere, from your face to your bikini line to your legs! OuRX Pharmacy can help! We carry the highest quality numbing cream for laser hair removal. One forgets about how important this cream is until it’s too late, when your skin burns and turns bright red immediately after you remove your unwanted hair. Come to us first, and we will make sure your hair removal process goes as “smoothly” as possible.

Ladies should know- you usually can’t find the best beauty care products in a regular store. At OuRX, a top compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles, not only do we carry high quality creams, but we can also have them especially formulated just for you. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts to hair removal in different ways. We can create a special formula for those with sensitive skin as well as for those with thicker skin. OuRX Pharmacy sells numbing cream for laser hair removal that is safe, effective and often utilized successfully in the medical, cosmetic and dental industry. At OuRX Pharmacy, our creams have the safest, but strongest amount of lidocaine for over-the-counter product; the amount can be increased if you have a prescription for numbing cream. Our numbing creams for laser hair removal always meet FDA standards.

Our Santa Monica pharmacy has a varied collection of numbing creams that do not just have to be used for hair removal. They can also be used for tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal and minor surgical procedures.