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Trust Opthalmics at the First-Rate OuRX Pharmacy, Inc.

At OuRX Pharmacy, Inc., we satisfy our patient's health needs by specializing in creating and dispensing medications in a sterile manner. As a compound pharmacy, Santa Monica-based OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. prescribes specific medications that are made by the pharmacist, rather than simply dispensing premade, mass-produced medications. The pharmaceutical work we do includes preservative-free and sterile ophthalmic products, numbing creams and even hormone replacement therapy.

For men, unbalanced hormones can make a man or woman feel less than their best. Hormones are responsible for many areas that impact our health, including mood, metabolism, libido and reproductive function. Hormone replacement therapy for women is useful in alleviating a number of symptoms, particularly while going through menopause. The treatment utilizes two main hormones – systemic hormone therapy with systemic estrogen in a pill, skin patch, gel cream or spray, and progestin.

Meanwhile, hormone replacement therapy for men can be very helpful for men experiencing low levels of testosterone. We also provide sterile injectables of testosterone, which can be useful for those who need male sex hormones, among other effective pharmaceutical treatments. Although hormone replacement for men is less common than for females, many men find hormone replacement to be exceptionally useful.

OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. is registered with the California Board of Pharmacy, and licensed for the preparation of sterile injectables. We accept health insurances, including Medicare, Part D, and many other credit companies. From hormone replacement to sterile opthalmics or BLT numbing cream, you'll find the pharmaceuticals for your needs at OuRX Pharmacy, Inc.