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Find Relief from BLT Numbing Cream at OuRX Pharmacy, Inc.

OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. is a Santa Monica pharmacy that has a staff with more than 20 years of experience in sterile pharmaceutical compounding. Though we offer the traditional pharmacy services like filling prescriptions, medication consultation and drug utilization, we are perhaps best known for offering a variety of products to our customers that include allergen-free medication including pills, vitamins, injectables and BLT numbing cream.

As the beauty-conscious among us are well aware, laser hair removal can be quite painful, leading to a burning sensation in the treated area that can linger in areas of delicate skin like the bikini area. That's why our BLT numbing cream is such a useful product. Laser hair removal involves a pulsing laser light that destroys hair follicles with precision and speed. Numbing cream can be utilized to provide truly effective relief both before and after procedures like tattooing, body piercing, laser tattoo removal and minor surgical procedures.

The BLT cream products provided at OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. include non-oily, topical anesthetic that have the safest, yet strongest amount of lidocaine for an over-the-counter product. For those with a prescription, the amount can also be increased, and of course, our numbing cream always meet FDA standards.

Whether you're looking for pain relief, sterile opthalmics or the best preservative free eye drops, you'll always find the best, most health-conscious options as OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. We accept most health insurances and we ship globally, so there's no reason to put off getting results from the best pharmaceuticals today.