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OuRX is the Premier Compounding Pharmacy in Los Angeles

For professionally made pharmaceuticals, it only makes sense to trust the premier compounding pharmacy in Los Angeles. That's why so many people throughout the region are coming to trust OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. Featuring a staff with more than 20 years of experience in sterile pharmaceutical compounding, OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. is able to satisfy the needs of nearly any patient.

At our compounding pharmacy, Santa Monica residents find preservative-free and sterile ophthalmic products, numbing creams for laser therapy, topical pain control products, hormone replacement therapy, and much more. In fact, we're also well known for providing patients with the best preservative free eye drops if they're suffering from dry eye symptoms.

Our preservative free eye-drops are particularly appropriate for individuals with sensitive eyes. We understand that a person's eyes are not only one of the most important elements of their body, they are also one of the most sensitive. That's why, when the eyes are irritated due to dryness, redness, infection, allergies, soreness, or any number of other issues, it can have a far reaching negative effect on one's disposition.

OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. provides custom-made preservative free eye drops for patients who need eye drops that are gentle enough for regular use to sooth dry, irritated eyes. Here, patients can find artificial tears that provide short-term relief for dry eyes and problems such as computer eye strain or sleepiness. No matter what health issue you face, allow our team at OuRX Pharmacy, Inc. to provide you with comfort and long-lasting relief.